CV  29.10. 2007

I always was a Smart Arse.
As a result, I never was my teacher’s pet.
In Art School, I horrified my Professors,
by inventing a new type of Stone Carving Hammer.
I invented a novel and quick way of stenciling text into clay. (Knowing Kurt Schwitters work on print type helped.)
I also designed a small gismo that proves that humans have an aura that can interact with objects.
(Eat your heart out James Randi)

Rory Te’ Tigo was born in
Hannover, Germany, in 1951. He gained entry to the Lower-Saxony State, Fine Arts School via the entrance exam for the gifted in 1972. He interrupted his studies in 1973, to work in a variety of  jobs, with the aim to talk to the colleges, the ordinary men and woman, in the factories and workshops, about what is art. As a result, Rory Te’ Tigo has found an answer to the age old question, of:      “What is Art?”.
His answer is: “Art should be so abstract, that no machine can do it. So realistic, that you can still see, what it is supposed to represent, and so well made, that it will last a couple of hundred years.” Rory is of course only too aware, that this solution is his, and that other artists, or other members of the “Art-Suffering-Public” may have their own answer.
In 1979 Rory started work in a pottery, in order to prepare himself for the return to art-school. He eventually continued his studies, at the
Hannover High School for Art and Design.
Whilst in art-school, Rory designed his very own mace-like hammer that enables him, to carve hard stone, like Cornish Granite (Porphyre), without hurting himself, when slipping off the end of the chisel. Previously, before the advent of compressed air tools, it was quite common amongst stone masons, that carved hard stones, to break the bones in their hands, whilst carving. In contrast, Rory Te’ Tigo's Mace-Hammer just pushes the hand out of the way, when he slips of the end off the chisel.
Gaining the grade of “Diplom-Kuenstler” in 1987. Rory Te’ Tigo came to West-Cornwall in 1988, for a year and a day. He tried to find out, if his life-long dream, of living in the West-Penwith Peninsular, made any sense. It surely did. And so, after working as a teacher in adult education, teaching Pottery and Soapstone Carving, Rory came back to
Cornwall in 1993. He has lived in St. Just.-in-Penwith ever since. His interest in drum making led him to the 5000 year old drums of the “Globular Amphorae Culture” of north Germany. After making a couple of copies of these drums, Rory ended up giving talks at the “Lower Saxony State Museum / Hanover” together with Dr Veil, under the title “Making and Playing Stone Age Drums”. Rory  Te’ Tigo  was always fascinated by ancient story's being preserved on clay tablets. Contemplating writing in this way, Rory realized, that all Roman Letters, and all the Arabian Numerals are constructed of seven “glyph- particles”, that due to their shape, he calls the “OC oc li’s”. Writing on clay tablets using this system is so fast and easy, that Rory Te’ Tigo stenciled one of his short stories into clay tablets, using this method.   
Rory Te’ Tigo has taken part in many solo, and shared exhibitions. He became well known to a wider audience, due to his gift, to St. Just Library of a big, carved, Cornish Granite, Monument. This can now be seen outside St. Just Library, next to
Lafrowda Square, St. Just's toll free car-park. Whilst in art-school, Rory Te’ Tigo developed his own artistic style, that he calls “ Floral Cubism” ( Taking apart every day shapes and re-assembling them, like the Cubists, but not re-assembling them in squares, circles and triangles, but in flowing, floral forms).
He used this to carve semi-abstract relief's of faces.
Cornwall, Rory is now adapting his artistic style into a new format. Semi-abstract carved Cornish Granite Gateposts, he calls the Cornish Up-Rights.
Rory Te’ Tigo has a sculpture row, of these, at Trevescan Riding School, the last farm, on the A 30, before
Land’s End.
Rory Te’ Tigo has had endless mentioning's in the local newspaper, the Cornishman, and many appearances on local Television, both on ITV and the local BBC News programs. He does not only carve Granite, but also Wood, and Lime Stone. He is a keen Potter, and Painter. He makes, and plays, Shamanic Drums, and Lyras, (a CD of my Lyre music is now available) and makes Silver Jewellery that is inspired by his Pagan beliefs.
In June 2007 Rory got Handfasted, to his wonderful partner Rosie. They are very happy, to have found one another, and hope, that their happiness may radiate out amongst their friends, to spread a message of love, peace and greater understanding.

During the Summer Rory Te' Tigo conducts Well Walks in the St Just-in-Penwith area.