You will have noticed that some of my granite and other sculptures are still for sale. Their prices can be found in the “Galleries” section of this Home Page:
In this section you will find all the other objects that I make for the purpose of selling them.

Playing with materials and thereby creating objects is what being a sculptor, an artist, is all about. Some of the objects that I create in this way are objects that can be replicated, and all of the objects in this section of my Internet Homepage are objects, that I created because originally I wanted them for myself.

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These objects fall into the following categories:

Musical Instruments:

1. Stone Age Drums

About 5000 years ago, in an area of Europe, encompassing the east of Germany, Southern Scandinavia, and Poland, a particular style of pot was used, that lead to the culture/society, that used these pots being called the “Globular Amphorae Culture”. This Culture that lasted for approx. 500 years did not only make interesting globular/spherical pots but also made Ceramic Drums. These are among the oldest drums found in Europe. There may well have been older drums made from wood but these did not survive, just as later drums made from wood perished over the ages.
Playing these drums helps to reconnect with our inner archetypal “stone age” self.    

Price £ 150-00

2.1. Udu Drum,

Ideal for the moist air of West-Cornwall where drum skins are nearly always flat, this drum pot needs no drum skin and has an eerie deep sound.

 Price £ 150-00

2.2. Apache Fiddle

Even though it is possible to make a slightly screechy sound with this instrument and even modulate this sound, this instrument is more suitable for the collector of musical instruments than the musician.

Price £ 100-00

Image to follow

2.3. Pagan Horn

This cow horn has been made into a beautiful hunting horn that would suite any pagan. 

Price £ 175-00

3. Wood Percussion Instruments

Older than even Stone Age Ceramic Drums, the wooden percussion instruments I make, range from:
3.1. Deer Horn Richety Ratcheties,

Price £ 125-00

3.2. Shamanic Spirit House

As used by the Samen People (commonly known as the Lapps) of Northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Price £ 150-00

3.3. Limpet Shell Rattle.

This Rattle is not a child’s toy but a very powerful shamanic space clearer.

Price   £ 75-00

4. Lyras and other stringed Instruments

Lyras are 4000 year old stringed instruments that are the forerunners to harps and other stringed instruments. It is believed, that they were used as ritual instruments by an early Bull Cult (Atlantis). Lyras had a revival during the Renaissance, where they were inspirational to the design of many modern stringed instruments. Lyras have not been part of the European Orchestral repertoire for several hundred years. Therefore there is no set design. I therefore had to start from scratch when I designed my Lyras. But I also enjoyed the freedom of design this gave me. Lyras have a very angelic sound that is experienced as soothing and non-intrusive. They are ideally suited as accompanying instrument for storytellers and to calm individuals and audiences.

4.1. Ege-Shaped Lyra

Very sturdy design. Light weight but fairly quiet. Ideal for Storytellers.

Price £ 250-00

4.2. Hart Shaped Lyra

Ideal for the Troubadour. Good sound, of medium volume.

Price   £ 275-00

4.3. Concert Lyra

Due to the bars across the length of this Lyra, more than eight notes can be played. Ideal for the more accomplished musician.

Price   £ 450-00

4.4. U-Shaped Lyra

The classic Lyra. Due to the brass bar from which the bronze strings are suspended this Lyra has a pleasant co-resonance of all its strings that can be felt by the player. This is not unlike a cats purr. The U-Shaped Lyra is the loudest of all my lyras and the instrument can make itself heard to an audience without the need of an amplifier.

Price   £ 350-00

4.5. Peace Dove Lyra

The shape of this “Fancy Lyra” makes a clear statement to the audience. Whilst not the loudest of instruments, it is clearly the most detailed of my Lyras. And who said that the voice of peace is a loud one?   

Price    £ 650-00

Image to follow

4.6. Calm, sub title: Music to quieten your children with.

This is the first of my Lyra Music CD’s. As indicated in the title, the music of my Lyras is very calming. Listening to it can help in meditation, and induce sleep.

Price £ 12-50

5. Ceramics:

I do not use a potter’s wheel. So all my pots are hand coiled. This gives them a slight irregularity in their shape that makes them unique and very interesting as a tactile object.

5.1. Triangular Altar Pot

This comes in several sizes, from a diameter of 10 cm to a diameter of 30 cm.
This pot can be used as an altar in its own right, or two of these pots can be used on an altar.

Price £ 20-00    to £ 45-00 according to size

5.2. Miniature Altar Pots

These small semi spherical pots come with there own pot stand. Diameter 5 cm, different designs on the inside.

Price £5.00

5.3. Four Legged Altar Pot

Shallow dishes in an archaic design. Different designs and spells inside.   

Price £17.50

5.4. Ceramic Spirit Houses

These little cottages are supposed to be hidden in a false beam or inaccessible space in your house. The idea is to offer a permanent secret home to spirits and elementals, thereby taking there fear away that they could be exorcised. An effective statement, that you are trying to live in harmony with the sprit world, and do not want to interfere with what after all has just as much right to be in this world as you.  

Price £19.50

5.5. Tiles

The symbols that head the chapters of this Internet Homepage are available as 15cm by 15 cm Tiles. They are ideal as coasters, or can be integrated in wall tiling.

Price £ 20-00 per tile

5.6. Incense Burners

These come in two sizes. Either as the most basic Incense burner for burning charcoal tablets with Incense sprinkled onto the tablet, or as Incense Burning pots with a wire mesh burning grate, and a lid that smothers the burn.

Price basic £ 5-00    Incense burning pot   Price £ 35-00


Incense burning pot

Image to follow

5.7. Ying/Yang Oil Lamp

A potent reminder of the duality of life. As you pour the oil into the lamp via the white aspect, and the wick is in the black aspect this says that if you are able to invest a bit more energy into your bright side, even your dark side will bring forth light.

Price £ 25-00

5.8. Three Aspects Oil Lamp

Symbolising the tree aspects of the Goddess, Maiden, Mother, Crone, this three flamed oil lamp is a symbol of universal harmony.

Price £ 27-50

Image to follow

5.9. Seven Flame Oil Lamp

This Oil Lamp represents the light of the Seven Liberal Arts. A “must have” as a meditation tool for everyone that wants to open his heart to the deeper mysteries.

Price     £ 32-00

5.10. Golden Chalice Pots

These are made from ceramic but are supposed to represent late Stone Age / early Bronze Age gold Chalices. They have no base to stand them on, but come with a ceramic ring pot stand. They are ideal as very special ritual chalices.

Price   £ 27-50

Image to follow

Ceramic Sculptures

As part of my Experimental Archaeology programme, I replicated Roman Goddess Figurines from Gaul (France).
5.11. Celtic Venus Sillina/Venus

This little Figurine was widely distributed through out the Roman Empire I became interested in it, because one was found in the Isles of Scilly. Read more about that in the section Articles.

Price £ 27-50

5.12. Dea Nutrix Sillina/Dea Nutrix

Another Figurine that was found in the Isles of Scilly. Some scholars claim that the Dea Nutrix represents an image of Asherat, the female consort of Jehovah, that was banned by the Hebrews after their exile in Babylon.

Price   £ 32-50 

5.13. Janus Head

Janus the Roman God of Beginnings and Endings, Doorways and Thresholds. Read more about him in the poem “Ode to Janus” in the section Articles.

Price £ 22-50

5.14. The Eye of Providence

According to some sources, this ancient symbol was incorporated into European Christian Symbology, by John Calvin (1509-1564), the founder of Calvinism. The three equal sides of the triangle are supposed to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
It is a powerful symbol of  divine protection, but also serves as a reminder that all our deeds are known to God.
I make these either as two faced pendants or use this design to montage tetrahedron pyramids, or even more complicated geometric shapes.

Price   £ 4-50    to £ 54-00

Other ceramic figurines that are entirely my own design are in preparation.

6. Silver Jewellery:

6.1. Fully Interwoven Pentagram in Circle,
or Pen-Serpendium

The Pentagram in Circle is often depicted as if it were made from woven willow switches. To my knowledge, over all the years of alchemy and modern witchcraft, no one appears to have taken this concept of interweaving the arms of the Pentagram to its full conclusion. It appears that I have been the only one that has made a pentagram like this, in which the arms only meet in the circle. I have been making Pentagrams like this since 1991, and found them to be the most protective talisman.
As the arms of the Pentagram only meet in the circle, this fully interwoven Pentagram, or Pen-Serpendium creates a protective sphere or bubble around everyone that wears it. As this Pen-Serpendium is cast as one piece in silver, it combines the power of this moon metal with a protective sphere, bringing the love of the moon-goddess into the wearer’s life.
Additionally, the five arms of this Pentagram are shaped like the rune Sowulo, which has the meaning: “The life force, good health or other favourable circumstances, and future harmony, and contact between the higher self and the unconscious.”       

Price   £ 25-00

6.2. Pentagram Belt Buckle

This is a real collector’s item. So far only 3 Buckle have been made. The higher silver price is offset, by its rarity. These buckles are a numbered addition.

Price   £   75-00

6.3. Silver Cast Flint Arrowhead

The Flint Arrowhead this Silver Cast was made from is 5000 years old, and was found by me, at a location called Sanctuary near St. Buryan, in West-Cornwall. Its special properties combine the properties of a Silver Bullet (It always flies true, and can be used to hunt a variety of mystical creatures, from Werewolves to Vampires, even Unicorns.) It also is the
“Anckor” of an “Elf-Being” into our world. Flint Arrowheads are being called “Elf-Bolts” It therefore is a powerful Talisman that will help you to gain your true aim in life by reinforcing your personal “Guardian” and keeping jealous competitors at bay.

Price     £ 24-00

6.4. Silver Lunulae

This type of moon shaped knife is described in the novel “The Mists of Avalon”, where
it is the Symbol for the initiated Witch. It is not only a cutting implement, but can be worn as inconspicuous jewellery.

Price    £ 22-00

6.5. Silver Sickle

Maker’s health warning. This Sickle is neither a toy nor jewellery. It is razor sharp, and should only be handled by responsible people. It is meant to be used for cutting sacred Herbs, and other ritual cutting, where a knife or athame appears to be inappropriate.

Price   £ 26-00

7. Glastonbury Chairs

Glastonbury Chairs are a collapsible ecclesiastical chair held together by wedges. They are very comfortable to sit on. A Glastonbury Chair is the type of chair that an ecclesiastical dignitary, an abbot or other monastic dignitary would have taken on a tour of the outlying   
dependencies of his monastery. If sitting in it in the right way, one can fall asleep in it during
2 o’clock mass without slipping off, and embarrass oneself. A chair like this can be used as a focus of a room. I make them in a variety of designs for the backrest. I also use pyrography to ornament these chairs. If you want a special design, contact me, and I will see what I can do.

Price £ 150-00

Other activities

During the summer month of July and August I conduct Well-Walks. These lead to 7 Wells and Springs in the St. Just area. They usually take place on a Friday or Sunday, and include a stop over at a restaurant where we can enjoy a Cornish cream tea. The walks are suited for all ages, and are 4 ½ to 5 miles long. There is a nominal charge for these walks.

If you are interested in buying any of these objects, please be aware of the fact that they will be hand-made especially for your order. Therefore it can take up to 4 weeks, before I will be able to deliver. 

Please use the contact form below to order and for payment details.