White Light Meditation

A Guided “White Light Meditation”:

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White Light Paterie / Masons Mark

This is meant to be a healing meditation. Adjust the contents accordingly if you just want it to be a feel good meditation.

To do this meditation, it helps, if you can find a quiet place, in your home, or out in the countryside, where you will not be disturbed. The meditation should take 15 to 20 minutes. Should you not experience an immediate effect, try to repeat the meditation, the next day. Do not do this meditation instead of consulting a doctor, if you should feel really ill, but rather alongside traditional medical treatment. I cannot be held responsible, if your health should not improve, or even get worse, even though you followed this meditation, and the advice in it.

Try to sit upright, but comfortable. People with back problems might find it more comfortable to do this meditation whilst lying down, if lying down, support your neck with a small cushion. If you should at any time feel more comfortable to discontinue this meditation, feel free to do so. Remember, this meditation is not meant to replace medical treatment, but rather aims to support it.

So: Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. And feel the seat, support your body. During this meditation, you are supposed to feel yourself inside your body. Therefore feel your body being comfortably supported by the seat. And feel your feet firmly on the ground. Be aware of this for a while. Try to reach a point of inner calmness. Focus on this for a while. Become aware of your body. Let your inner eye travel over it. Feel points of pain or other medical complications. Concentrate on this for a while. Now: Even though your eyes are closed, become aware of a bright, glistening white light. This light is all around us, and comes out of the depth of the universe. It is so bright, that you can see it even though your eyes are closed. Just like sunlight, you can feel it on your skin. But unlike sunlight, this bright, glistening, white light is not hot, but cool and soothing.

Be aware of this for a while. Let this bright, glistening, white light penetrate your body, entering it through the top of your head, and leaving it through your feet, until your whole body is flooded with it. Wherever it meets a point of pain, or other medical complications, the bright, glistening, soothing light, melts the pain. Even though the light is soothing and cool, when ever on its journey through your body, it penetrates an area of pain or medical complications; these melt away, and are clearly visible for your inner eye, replaced with calm, bright, glistening, cooling, pain-relieving, white light.

Focus on this for a while. Realise that this calm, bright, glistening, cooling, white light penetrates every cell in your body. Telling it to do what it was meant to do, and, telling you, to be whom you are really meant to be. That is, healthy, happy and free of pain, or other medical complications. Concentrate on this for a while. Realise that this is the light of love that the universe has for you, and all mankind. Be aware of this for a while. Now realise that there is a second equally bright, glistening, cooling, and calming and pain relieving white light, coming from the centre of the earth, and entering your body through your feet, and exiting it through the top of your head. This is the light of love of mother earth. Together with the white light, that comes out of the depth of the universe, this calm, white, glistening, bright, cooling, healing light, this light of love of the universe and of our mother the earth floods through every cell in your body, telling them all to do what they are meant to do. If one could translate this white light into words, it would say: “You are loved. The Universe loves you. The Earth, our Mother, loves you. And this love translates itself into the absence of pain; into health; and into good luck, and good fortune. But first and foremost, you are loved!” Focus on this for a while.

Feel that, with this light, and this love, calm enters you and your body. A calm happiness, and the certainty that your ailments will be healed, and your pain will melt away, like ice melted by sunshine. Concentrate on this for a while. Realise that your whole aura, your whole person, inside and out, is bathed, in this bright, glistening, white light and that this healing light aura will be with you for days to come. Hold this thought in your mind for a while. Now, become aware that all this time you have not left your body. Feel the seat you are sitting on. Feel your feet on the ground. Take three deep breaths. Clap your hands, and stamp your feet on the ground a couple of times.

Open your eyes, and marvel about the experience of the bright, glistening, white light for a moment or two, before you get up and go about your everyday business.veryday business.